How do I switch to no fee OKEX payouts?


1. Trust wallet doesn't support OKex Chain.

2. Wallet that you are mining to and wallet that you are connecting with - have to be the same.

3. OKX is not available in US and Canada.

Before you start please make sure you:

  1. Have an account at and some OKT on your balance (for example 0.05 OKT).

  2. Use a wallet with a private key in your possession. IMPORTANT: please do not use exchange generated wallets since you will need to own a private key to activate your OKEX payouts with Ezil. You can use wallets like

  3. Connect your Metamask (or other) wallet to OKEXChain Mainnet chain at 

  4. Add ETHK coin to your Metamask (or other wallet) through contract address 0xef71ca2ee68f45b9ad6f72fbdb33d707b872315c

  5. Transfer your OKT tokens from OKEX exchange to your Metamask (or other) wallet. This is required to pay for any transaction fees that may occur when you decide to transfer your ETH payouts to another wallet or to exchange.

Next you need to set up OKEX payouts at

  1. Go to your account Overview section and then click on Choose payout method. Select the preferable network for your ETH payouts. By default it is Ethereum blockchain, but now you can select the OKEX Chain.

  2. Connect to your wallet to enable low fee payouts. Click on the purple button above.

  3. Scan QR code to connect to your wallet.

  4. Confirm connection with your signature (private key). IMPORTANT: you only have 1 minute before your signature expires. Otherwise you will have to generate a new signature by clicking Confirm once again.

  5. You will see the link to your transaction next to your preferable payout method.