Hey miners!

Starting from 8 November 2021 all miners connected to cn.ezil.me will be redirected to our new server which is optimized for China. This will be done at DNS record level. There will be a one-time disconnect of your mining hardware. For your convenience we recommend to set up a connection by yourself by entering the following servers:

Optimized for China

ETH main: tw.ezil.me:5555

ETH backup: tw.ezil.me:15555

ETH main + SSL: tw.ezil.me:25443

ETH backup + SSL: tw.ezil.me:35443

ETC main: tw.ezil.me:4444

ETC backup: tw.ezil.me:14444

ETC main + SSL: tw.ezil.me:24443

ETC backup + SSL: tw.ezil.me:34443

However you can keep your current cn.ezil.me server settings, in this case the redirect will happen automatically without any actions from your side.

Ezil.me Team