How do I benefit from HECO withdrawals?

  • Pool payouts are absolutely free for miners
  • You don’t have to buy any HT tokens to pay for further transactions from your wallet to the exchange. Ezil will be sending you some HT tokens along with your ETH payout. It is on us!
  • You can use HUOBI exchange. This is one of the largest crypto exchanges so you will not have any issues selling or exchanging your coins.

How do I switch to free HECO payouts?

Before you proceed please make sure that the wallet you use for your ETH payouts and wallet you connect to HECO are the same!

Also double check if your wallet is compatible with HECO blockchain.

Please do not use exchange generated wallets as you will need to have access to your private key in order to sign your transaction. The good option is wallet or other similar wallets.

If you are going to use HUOBI exchange to sell or exchange your received payouts please sign up for an account with HUOBI before you set your HECO payouts.

Alternatively you can use any swap service that supports the HECO chain.

Connect your Metamask (or other) wallet to HECO chain at
Type HECO in a search line and select Huobi ECO Chain Mainnet

After that you should confirm your wallet connection, when it is done you will see HECO blockchain and HT in your wallet. 

  • HT token is required to pay for further transactions from your wallet after you received your payment.
  • In order to see your received payout you have to add ETH token in HECO blockchain in your Metamask (or other wallet)
  • Please click on Import Tokens and add the contract address
    0x64ff637fb478863b7468bc97d30a5bf3a428a1fd and then click on “Add custom token”
  • After that you should be able to see ETH in your wallet.

Now you need to activate HECO payouts at

  1. Go to your account to Overview section and select a payout method for your ETH rewards. By default it is an Ethereum network (if you haven’t selected an alternative one yet). Now you can go for HECO Chain.
  2. To activate your HECO payouts click on the purple button at the top.
  3. Scan the QR code to connect your wallet (if you’re using a mobile app).
  4. Confirm connection with your signature (private key) IMPORTANT: you only have 1 minute before your signature expires. Otherwise you will have to generate a new signature by clicking Confirm once again.
  5. You can always find the link to your payout transaction next to your selected payout method.