How do I benefit from BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) payouts?


The initial step is the same as with other alternative payouts. You connect the wallet by using your unique signature created in the wallet or app. This offers an additional layer of security because it can only be done by the owner of the wallet.

Fees are significantly lower than in Ethereum network

We ran a series of testing. Usually BNB Chain offers much lower fees than the Ethereum network. Also this blockchain is becoming very popular and is supported by numerous services such as Pancakeswap,, Sushiswap and others.


For BNB Chain payouts you can use any wallet that supports confirmation with signature. There are many wallets to choose from: Metamask, Trust Wallet, Safepal etc. You can download mobile versions of these wallets to confirm wallet connection with QR code.

If you change your mind you can switch back to payouts through Ethereum blockchain at any time. Don’t forget to re-enter a min payout, confirm your IP and set up a Gas Fee for your transactions.

How do I switch to low fee BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) payouts?

  1. Please make sure that you have some amount of BNB token on your balance (lets say 0.1 BNB). You will need them for further transactions via the BNB Chain.
  2. You use wallets that allow you to own your private key. IMPORTANTplease do not use exchange generated wallets. You will need a private key to confirm your account and sign the message from the pool in the wallet app. This will activate BNB Chain payouts. You can use wallets like
  3. Connect your Metamask (or other) wallet to BNB Chain. If the network is not added then you will be asked to do so when you switch your payouts to BNB Chain. IMPORTANT: your pool mining wallet and the wallet you connect to BNB Chain should be the same.
  4. Add ETH coin to your Metamask (or other) wallet via smart contract address 0x2170Ed0880ac9A755fd29B2688956BD959F933F8
  5. Set up your minimum payout for the BNB Chain.
  6. Network Gas price is set in BNB, when we initiate a payout we convert current BNB gas price into ETH (at current rate) and deduct the gas fee from the miner’s payout.

Please contact our tech support team if you have any difficulties. The best way to do the is instant chat on the website.