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Mining a pair of coins ETH/ETC+ZIL or 3 coins ETH+TON+ZIL is not like a usual dual mining because it includes ZIL. ZIL mining is different to any other type of mining since it works in rounds. Which means that most of the time you will be mining ETH/ETC (or ETH+TON) and only switch to ZIL mining for 1-2 minutes every 1.5 hours (approx). Your video cards switch to ZIL, perform the work for 1-2 minutes and switch back to ETH/ETC (or ETH+TON).

When you are switched to ZIL mining your equipment does not send shares to ETH/ETC, this is why you can see a decline in shares at this moment. We take this into account in rewards distribution. 

Also we recommend caсhing Zilliqa DAG-file to speed up switching between the coins ETH/ETC and ZIL. 


This option works best for video cards with 8Gb memory or more, if you enable caching for video cards with less than 8Gb memory your miner can show error and stop working.

You can enable caching by writing these commands in your miner settings:

GMiner  --cache_dag 1

lolminer  --enablezilcache

T-Rex(Windows)  --extra-dag-epoch 0

T-Rex(HiveOS)  "extra-dag-epoch": 0

NBMiner(Windows)  --enable-dag-cache

NBMiner(HiveOS)  "enable-dag-cache": true

TeamRedMiner   --eth_dag_cache=0