Ezil offers a promo codes system. All promo codes give you 10% cashback on the pool fees for the first 14 days since you joined the pool.

Which means that the pool fee will be only 0,9% for this period! 

IMPORTANT: If you have already received at least one payout from the pool (ETH, ETC, BTC or ZIL), you will not be able to activate any promo code in your account.

How do I get a cashback:

  1. Join our Telegram chat 

  2. Check the welcome message or ask any of our admins for a promo code. 

  3. Activate cashback in your account. 

Promo code is only valid for 14 days. But you can participate in any future promotions and get bonuses.

Also you can become our partner and invite miners with your individual referral promo code. You will receive 25% of the pool fee paid by miners referred by you.

How do I become a partner:

You need to create an account using a pair of wallets ETH.ZIL  at the start page.

Activate your account by mining with Ezil for at least two hours.

Invite miners to the pool using your referral promo code, you can find it in the Referral Program section in your account. 

In the Referral Program section you can always see miners who connected to the pool with your referral promo code and check the cashback you received.