What do I do with WETH Polygon?

In this article we will talk about the case when you received WETH to your MetaMask wallet but not sure what to do next.

The same actions apply to other wallets as well.  

WETH - is the same as ETH, but in order to work in Polygon network it is wrapped. You can learn more about wrapped tokens here.

Since Binance, OKX, Huobi and many other crypto exchanges do not accept WETH you need to exchange it to other tokens.

You will need a Matic token to pay for transaction fees in the Polygon network; you can exchange it with no fee at the official Polygon website here.

1. Go to the website and click “Connect to a Wallet” at the top right corner.

2. Select MetaMask. If you are using another wallet, select your wallet or use the WalletConnect function.

3. MetaMask will open in a couple of seconds, you need to sign to authorize the action. Please make sure you double check before you sign. If you’re using another wallets you will need to sign as well. 

4. Get back to the website, you will see a notification in the top right corner that your wallet is now connected. Clock on 1 Matic and select ETH in “Swap from”, you will see a total Matic value. Click “Approve” and sign this action in your  MetaMask wallet.

5. Get back to the website and click on “Swap”, sign this action in MetaMask.

Now you have some Matic token to pay for your transaction fees. 1 Matic should be enough for approximately 45 exchange transactions.

Go to DeFi 1inch.io. Alternatively you can use other DeFi platforms for a swap.

1. Click “Connect wallet” in the top right corner.

2. Agree with the platform’s Terms. Select Polygon network. Click on MetaMask. If you are using another wallet select your wallet or use WalletConnect functionality.

3. Confirm connection to the website in the MetaMask. If you’re using another waller you have to confirm this action as well. 

4. Go back to the website and check your address in the top right corner. Insert the amount of ETH you are willing to exchange or click “Max” to exchange all available funds, check the amount of USDT you will receive. Click on Give permission to swap ETH.

5. Agree with the Terms and sign in MetaMask.

6. Go back to the website and confirm the swap twice. 

Sometimes the “swap” button may appear inactive, just wait a little bit longer to proceed.

Confirm swap in MetaMask.

7. If you have performed the swap, but do not immediately see your tokens, you need to add USDT token your wallet. Go to MetaMask, click Import Tokens and insert contract address in the first line:


Other lines will be filled in automatically, click on “Add Custom Token” and you will be able to see your funds with the next confirmation.

Now you can send your funds to the exchange address.

1. Go to your exchange account and select the “Deposit/Withdrawal” section. Find USDT, select Polygon (Matic) network and copy the address.

2. Go to your MetaMask wallet, click on “Send”, paste the address copied from your exchange account. Select USDT in the “Asset” field and input the amount you are willing to send. Or click “Max” if you want to send all available funds. 

Confirm the action twice.

Wait until your funds arrive in your exchange wallet.

Usually funds arrive within a few minutes, but sometimes it can take longer up to half an hour. If you’ve been waiting longer and your funds haven’t arrived please contact the exchange tech support team.