Zelcore is a multi-platform wallet that supports more than 150 cryptocurrencies. It’s a part of the Flux ecosystem.


1. Download the wallet from the official website Zelcore and install it.

2. Click on “Register Account on this Device”.

3. Fill in the lines “username”, “password” and “repeat password”.

4. Click on “Register Account on this Device”.

5Double check your “username” and “password”, confirm that you have written down your username and password and click on “Register Account on this Device”.

6. Account created, log in with your username and password.

7. Select any of the wallets (in this case we selected “Mining”)

8. Click on “Manage Assets”.

9. Select “Add Assets

10. Search for the coin you want to add. You can add all the tokens you are planning to use. 

Please pay attention to the network when adding coins. 

You can receive payouts from the pool via Polygon and BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain) networks.

11. Now you can see the tokens you added at the selected wallet page. 

12. Click on the token you choose for pool payouts. 

13. Click on “Receive” in the left corner, the QR code and the address in this network will appear on the right. 

You can activate an extra layer of security for your wallet. 

When you start using the wallet (by sending and receiving coins you will receive some amount of Flux coin which you can use to activate the d2FA (extra password/PIN code).

Please add the Flux coin (in the native network) to your wallet in advance to be able to see these coins in your wallet. 

1. You have received Flux.

2. Select the “Apps” in the menu, then click on “Zel ID”.

3. In the new window click on “d2FA”, then to “Create or change your d2FA PIN”.

4. Enter the PIN code and repeat it.

5. Select when the system should be asking for a PIN code. 

6. Confirm that you memorized your PIN code.

7. Enter your account password.

8. Click on “Set up d2FA”.

The system will start asking for a PIN code whenever you perform some of the actions you selected. 

Connection to the website.

1. Log in to your account on the pool with your mining address and click on the gear sign.

2. Click on “Connect wallet” in the pool payouts settings window. 

3. Select the method “WalletConnect”.

4Copy the QR code that appears in the window. 

5. Go back to Zelcore and select the “WalletConnect” menu in the top right corner, paste the copied QR code.  

6. You will see a new window, you need to delete all the wallets except for the one you want to connect to Ezil and click on “Approve Session”.

Sometimes it takes a while after confirmation to see the updated page. Don’t worry just renew the page and repeat wallet connection if the first attempt has failed. 

7. Go back to your account in the pool and select the necessary network in the payout settings window (let’s say BNB Chain).

8. Set up your min. payout limit (min acceptable value is 0.005 ETH). If you selected BNB Chain you also need to set up Max. Gas Price for your payouts. If you select Polygon network you don’t need to set up Max Gas Price as we pay for transaction fees, it is free for you. When you fill in all the parameters click on “Continue”.

This is how transaction fee mechanism works in BNB Chain и Arbitrum: 
Pool freezes a part of your income to pay for transaction fees, then we send out your payout transaction to you, after the network confirmations, the pool recalculates the actual transaction fee and refunds the unused frozen funds to your account.

9. You will receive a notification in Zelcore  asking you to sign the changes to your payouts network, confirm it.

Please make sure you understand what you are signing!

Your payout settings are now completed.

If you don’t see a notification please try to connect the wallet again. 

To disconnect the wallet go to Zelcore, click on the “WalletConnect” menu and select “Disconnect”.

If you have any questions please contact us in Telegram chat where you can always find up to date information.