You can turn your old mobile phone into an AirGap hardware wallet. This works for any smartphone with Android OS 5.0 and higher and iOS 12 and higher.

The main advantage of AirGap is that you can connect it to MetaMask and use all the networks for the pool payouts, but still enjoy the safety of the hardware wallet when your private key is stored on your device.

To turn your old smartphone into a hardware wallet you need to:

  • Download the “AirGap Vault” app to your old smartphone from the app store or ?GitHub
  • Download the “AirGap Wallet” to your current smartphone to manage the wallet and send out transactions. It works similar to the Ledger app so we won’t be describing it here.

We recommend enabling the Flight mode on your newly created hardware wallet, so that it can’t communicate with the network. 

Also it’s a good idea to set up a low battery mode. 

Connecting AirGap to MetaMask browser extention.

This way works if you have a camera on your PC or laptop. 

1. Open the MetaMask and click on the icon in the top right corner, click on “Connect hardware wallet”.

2. In the new window select “QR-based” connection and click “Continue”, this should open a new window with web camera. 

3. Open the “AirGap Vault” app on your smartphone.

4. Select the address from the list.

5. Click on “Sync account”.

6. Change the “QR Code V3” to “MetaMask”.

7. Scan the QR code with a web camera.

The QR code scanner window may appear blurry, this is OK. 
If you can’t scan the QR code we recommend trying to scan it from the different angles or turn on the light. 

8. Select the address from the list and click “Unblock”.

9. Now you can see your AirGap address in the MetaMask.

Connecting AirGap to the MetaMask app.

1. Open the “AirGap Vault” app on your old smartphone.

2. Select the address from the list.

3. Click “Sync account” 

4. Change “QR Code V3” to “MetaMask”.

5. Go to the “MetaMask” app and click on 3 lines in the top left corner. 

6. Select the icon in the menu.

7. Select “Connect hardware wallet” in the pop up window.

8. Click “Continue” and scan the QR code in your old smartphone. 

9. Select the address and click “Unblock”.

10. Now you can see your AirGap address in the MetaMask.

Setting up pool payouts. 

1. Log in to your Ezil account with your mining address and click on the gear sign. 

2. Click on “Connect wallet” in the pool payouts settings window. 

3.  Select the “MetaMask” method.

4MetaMask will open and suggest connecting the wallet to the website. Select the address and click “Continue” and then “Connect”. 

5. Go back to your account in the pool and select the necessary network in the payout settings window (let’s say BNB Chain).

6. When you select the network go back to MetaMask to confirm adding the network to the MetaMask and confirm changes to the network. 

7. Set up your min. payout limit (min acceptable value is 0.005 ETH). If you selected BNB Chain you also need to set up Max. Gas Price for your payouts. If you select OKEx ChainHecoPolygon network you don’t need to set up Max Gas Price as we pay for transaction fees, it is free for you. When you fill in all the parameters click on “Continue”.

This is how transaction fee mechanism works in BNB Chain и Arbitrum: 
Pool freezes a part of your income to pay for transaction fees, then we send out your payout transaction to you, after the network confirmations, the pool recalculates the actual transaction fee and refunds the unused frozen funds to your account.

8. Open MetaMask to sign the changes to your payouts network. Please make sure you understand what you are signing!

Your payout settings are now completed.

How to add your token to MetaMask to be able to see your ETH balance? Read here

If you have any questions please contact us in Telegram chat where you can always find up to date information.