Please use the existing non-custodial wallet and make sure you have sole ownership of the private key and/or a seed-phrase.

Do not use exchange generated wallet addresses if you intend to receive payouts in any network other than Ethereum Classic Mainnet. More details about payouts in Ethereum Classic Mainnet here
The address of the wallet to which you mine must match the address of the wallet that you connect to set up payments.

For further instructions we take MetaMask wallet as an example, we explained option of connecting MetaMask mobile app via WalletConnect function here

1. Go to your account at using your mining wallets and click on the ‘gear’ sign.

2. In a new Payout settings window click on “Connect wallet”. 

3. Select “MetaMask” method 

4. MetaMask will open automatically and offer to connect the wallet to our website. Click “Next” and “Connect”. 

5. Go back to your account and select the preferable network in the Payout settings window (let’s say BNB Chain). 

At this stage, you can additionally specify a third-party wallet for withdrawing funds, for example, the address of the exchange, this is optional.

6 After you selected the network go back to MetaMask and confirm network addition to MetaMask, also you need to confirm network change.

7. Go back to payout settings in your account. Set up a min payout limit (starting from 0.05 ETC), in case you selected BNB Chain network you also need to set up a Max Gas Price for your payout transactions. If you selected OKX Chain you don’t have to set up a Max Gas Price - transactions are free for miners since they are paid by the pool. When you fill in all the parameters please click “Next”.

This is how transaction fee mechanism works for BNB Chain: 
Pool freezes a part of your income to pay for transaction fees, then we send out your payout transaction to you, after the network confirmations, the pool recalculates the actual transaction fee and refunds the unused frozen funds to your account.

8. Open MetaMask and sign the message confirming the change in payout settings.
However, always check what you sign!

If you have any questions please contact us in Telegram chat where you can always find up to date information.