1. Go to the “Wallets” menu, click on “Add wallet” and enter your wallet address.

2. Select EthereumPOW in the  “Select a coin” window.

3. Go to “Coin Name” and select EthereumPOW.

4. Write Ezil in “Please select pool” menu.

Select the servers closest to your location in the servers list. 
If you are mining ETHW+ZIL you need to select the servers suitable for ETHW+ZIL mining.
If you are mining ETHW you need to select the servers suitable for  ETHW mining.

Please select the connection of one type:

1) with SSL prefix
2) without SSL prefix

We recommend using backup servers, in this case your miner will automatically switch to a backup server and continue mining with no interruption if connection to the main server is lost. 

5. Scroll down

6. Enter your “Password”. We do not require a password so you can write anything you want here. 

7. Enter your wallet address in the “Wallet” window.  

If you are mining ETHW+ZIL your wallet must be in the format ETHWaddress.ZILaddress

8. Go to “Please select miners” and find your miner.

9. Click on the “Pencil” sign next to the selected miner  

10. Write the command in the new window:

GMiner--cache_dag 1
lolminer --enablezilcache
--extra-dag-epoch 0

Also we recommend caсhing Zilliqa DAG-file to speed up switching between the coins ETHW and ZIL. 

This option works best for video cards with 8Gb memory or moreIf you have workers with mixed video cards and some of them have at least 6Gb memory you can enable caching, your miner will detect the video cards that cannot cache the DAG-file. 
Please bear in mind that T-Rex miner cannot detect the cards not suitable for caching and therefore can produce an error if you enable caching function. 

11. Click “Save” twice.

12. Go to “Dashboard” and click “Mining”.

13. Select a new wallet in the “Wallet” window.

14. Select EthereumPOW in the “Coin” window.

15. Select your miner in the “Miner” window.

16. Click “Apply to all

If you have done all the steps correctly your rig should start working. 

Now you can go to our website and set up your payouts

If you have any questions please contact us in Telegram chat where you can always find up to date information.