The quick answer is yes. Some ASIC devices can be used for Zilliqa mining at Ezil pool. 

For instance iPollo

At the moment Ezil is the only mining pool that allows mining ETC+ZIL pair with ASIC since Ezil has integrated Zilliqa mining into ETC protocol.

If you set up ETC+ZIL mining your ASIC device will be automatically switching to ZIL mining when ZIL rounds kick in, the same way it works with video cards. 

In terms of profitability per MH/s, ASICs are just as good as video cards for Zilliqa mining. 

Why is it profitable?

Profit per 100 MH/s ETC

Profit per 100 MH/s ETC

If you are not familiar with Zilliqa’s unique approach to mining you should know that ZIL mining rounds happen approximately every hour and only last for about 100 seconds, allowing your ASIC to mine other coins most of the time (in our case ETC).  In total you only dedicate approx 40 minutes a day to Zilliqa mining. 

Despite such a short period of mining, Zilliqa can bring you a significant extra profit. 

You can check our daily profitability graphs at stats page for ETC and ETC+ZIL.

Based on our recent stats, Zilliqa brings up to 35-70% to ETC mininers (compared to ETC mining alone). 

How do I set up Zilliqa mining with ASIC?

First, please make sure your ASICs software is up to date. 

It takes a few simple steps to set up mining at Ezil:

  1. Paste the address of the server closest to you to "URL" field. You can find the list of all available servers here Please don’t use SSL connection, it may cause connection issues.

  2. Insert your wallets and workers name in "User" field in the following format ETCaddress.ZILaddress.WorkerName
    - Your Zilliqa address must be in Zilliqa mainnet format and start with zil
    - Workers names could be different