Dear miners!

The main GPU mineable coin Ethereum had switched to PoS in mid-September and crypto mining industry is now searching for new favorites. So far there’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding most profitable coins for GPU miners. Our team has been watching closely the development of ETH forks that appeared after the Merge to help you define your crypto mining strategy for the future.  

Since we’ve been studying mining profitability for the past 4 years we’ve been looking at the coins that can give you increased profitability when paired with ZIL. Shortly after PoS we detected that mining ZIL in addition to the main coin can offer up to 70% profitability increase. The numbers are based on the real pool data for 10 days.

Also one of the main criterias was to find coins that do not require significant changes to the pool code and infrastructure as well as changes and overclocking of your mining equipment. 

Therefore we are adding a few new coins to the pool. The ones you’ve been asking for and even more. 

From now on you can mine the following coins with Ezil:


You can find the set up instructions here:

Rewards distribution system: PPLNS

Pool fee: Ezil will be charging 1% mining fee. Miner will be paying TxFees related to your mining payouts. You can update payout settings in your account.

Minimum payout limit:
ETHW 0.05

ETHF 0.05

The process of setting up mining of these new coins is pretty much the same as it was for ETH since there were no significant changes in the algorithm or other technical updates. Please ensure you select the right ports for mining. The full list of available ports is here and also: 

You can create ETHW and ETHF wallets in MetaMask (or other) by adding the following parameters:


What’s next?

We are planning to extend the list of coins, currently our team is focusing on adding RVN, RVN+ZIL, ERGO, ERGO + ZIL. We cannot commit to a certain date at the moment, but we will inform you separately once we finish development of this new functionality. 

Ezil community 

We appreciate the positive and supportive Ezil community developed over the past 4 years. Our team is happy to be able to chat with on a daily basis, and go through all the challenges together with our miners. 

We will be focusing on developing and extending our community even further and will appreciate your contribution as well. Please share this announcement to your fellow miners and friends who are interested in crypto mining. Word of mouth and honest reviews are the best ways to contribute to the pool development and growth.

Thank you for mining with us

 Ezil Team