1. Go to ezil.me, click in start mining section.

2. Make sure you complete the steps:

  • Select the coin you would like to mine ETC, ETHW, ETHF, POM

  • Select the pool with ZIL or without ZIL

  • Enter your mining wallet address(es) 

3. Select HiveOS in the Operational System menu 

4. Select the region based on your actual location, it’s better to try the one nearest to you. If you’re not sure which one works best, test the ping signal to every server and select the one with the lower ping. 

5. When selecting the miner consider your previous experience and the parameters of your video cards. 

If you’re not sure, we recommend using:
Nvidia — lolMiner or GMiner
AMD —TeamRedMiner

6. After you select the miner please enter any name for your worker. 

Attention! If you have a few workers please enter the different names for each one of them. 

7. We recommend using the caching feature for DAG-file Zilliqa to ensure the fastest switching between mining of your main coin and ZIL.

This feature is optional but it can increase ZIL profitability by few percents. You can mine without caching if you use the video cards:

ETC+ZIL with 4Gb memory

ETHW+ZIL with 6Gb memory

ETHF+ZIL with 6Gb memory

POM+ZIL with 2Gb memory


If you mine ETC+ZIL this feature will only work if you have video cards with  memory 6Gb or more. If your rig also has video cards with 4Gb memory you can enable caching, this way the miner will automatically identify which video cards cannot cache the DAG-file.

Except for T-Rex miner that cannot automatically identify video cards not suitable for caching, this will result in error.  

When mining ETHW+ZIL or ETHF+ZIL caching feature can only work if your video cards have memory of 8Gb or more.

When mining POM+ZIL caching feature can only work if your video cards have memory of 3Gb or more.

8. When you enter all the information, copy or save the text and click on ‘Join’.

After that you will be redirected to your account. 

9. Go to the flight sheet creation page in HiveOS and click on ‘Clipboard’ in the new flight sheet window if you copied it on the previous step or ‘File’ if you save it.

10. All the fields will be filled in automatically except for the wallet field. It is ok when the fields become red. You need to select or create the wallet you used at ezil.me Start Mining page. 

11. When you enter the wallet all the other fields will stop being red. Please click on ‘Create flight sheet’.

12. Go to the control panel of the rig and click on the ‘Flight sheet’ section, then click on the ‘Rocket’ button next to the flight sheet. 

If you completed all the steps correctly your rig should start working now. To double check it you can:

  • Click on ‘Remote access’ at the top of the page and select ‘Hive Shell Start’.

  • In the worker notifications you will see a blue messageclick on it as soon as it completes. 

  • After you do that you will see a new console window where you need to type miner then you should see if miner works. 

Now you can return to your account at ezil.me to set up your payouts. 

If you have any questions please contact us in Telegram chat 

where you can always find up to date information.