Dear miners!

Ever since Ethereum switched to PoS the Ezil Research and Development team has been looking at the market to offer you the most profitable and relevant coins. We analysed the best performing and most suitable coins and redesigned our pool backend to be able to add new coins quickly and efficiently.

Today we are introducing POM (Proof of Memes) coin to the Ezil pool. 

Why POM?


Proof Of Memes is the dedicated ETH forked Blockchain ecosystem designed with the mission to be the dedicated Proof-Of-Work meme token Blockchain. The network is aiming to bring programmability and interoperability to Meme tokens which have become an imminent part of the crypto market. 

With the ETH PoS merge and transition away from Proof-Of-Work, Ethereum is no longer able to be mined, making crypto mining a massive market opportunity for the Proof Of Memes Blockchain.

POM Chain relies on a system of PoW consensus that can support short block time and lower fees. The project is relatively new but its network hashrate has been growing quickly. 

Flexible Mining options

  • POM can be mined with both GPU and ASICs.

  • You can mine POM alone or paired with ZIL

  • Since POM is based on Ethash algorithm you can mine it just like you’ve been mining ETH. No issues with overclocking of undervolting

  • And last but not least - POM+ZIL can be mined with 2GB GPUs 

 Wallets compatibility

  • POM is supported by major wallets such as 



  • On 11 November 2022 POM was listed on MEXC Global and gained over 500% in one trading day. Trading activity remains steady despite the overall bearish market conditions. Also there’s a noticeable increase in the daily trading volume presumably due to the rapid growth of POM network hashrate. 

  • You can trade POM-USDT pair.

Early birds bonuses

  • As a part of the growth marketing campaign, POM project frequently offers bonuses for early adopters such as recent Airdrop for ETH2.0 holders. Make sure you stay tuned and subscribe to the news channels.

How to mine

  • To set up POM mining go to Ezil Start mining page. We redesigned this page and added a configuration tool for  HiveOS that allows you to set up mining of any coin available at Ezil including POM. Click here to learn how to set up a configurator tool.

If you experience any difficulties or have questions please contact our support team in chat on the website.

This is not all, our team continues researching other profitable coins. In fact our devs are currently busy developing and testing functionality and interfaces and will be adding new coins soon. We will keep you updated, follow us on social media or subscribe to our notifications. 


Ezil Team