Ezil partners with deBridge as a validator and will join DLN as a taker.

deBridge is a secure interoperability layer for Web3 that enables decentralized transfers of arbitrary messages and value between various blockchains. The deBridge protocol is an infrastructure platform and a framework for:

  • decentralized transfers of arbitrary data and assets

Ezil with its extensive and stable infrastructure was approved to become one of the Validators for deBridge. Validators are the set of reputable companies who maintain the blockchain infrastructure and run deBridge nodes to validate all cross-chain messages that are sent through deBridge smart contracts. deBridge has an off-chain validation mechanism, that allows having:

a) Unlimited throughput

b) Highest level of security (as validators never expose their ip addresses and never neet to communicate with each other)

deBridge supports transfers of messages between Ethereum, BNB Chain, Heco, Polygon, Fantom, Arbitrum, Avalanche, and will add more blockchains — both EVM and non-EVM — in the future. The validators are elected by deBridge governance.

deBridge will soon launch deSwap Liquidity Network (DLN), a native cross-chain exchange that enables anyone to perform trades across different blockchain networks in a trustless, non-custodial manner. Here, Ezil will join as a taker to settle cross-chain value transfers across chains. This is a new way of doing native cross-chain trading while being shielded from slippage and MEV, ensuring a secure and efficient trading experience for all participants.

Cross-chain interoperability infrastructure and generic messaging protocols extend the opportunities for developers of complex cross-chain interactions. Projects can integrate with deBridge infrastructure and benefit from various cross-chain opportunities that are enabled.

Native solutions built on top of deBridge are:

  • deSwap — solution for capital-efficient cross-chain swaps between arbitrary liquid assets

Ezil miners can explore the benefits of deSwap especially if they receive ETC payouts onBNB chain. deSwap allows you to seamlessly transfer ETC and exchange it to other coins in various chains. This feature will be particularly handy if you’re an active user of different DeFi projects for instance staking or liquidity pools.

We’re excited to have joined the deBridge network as a validator and looking forward to being part of building the cross-chain future with deBridge and the overall ecosystem.