ZIL miners who use ASICs and old GPUS with lower memory capacity have been facing an issue that has become a real showstopper. These devices do not allow to cache a DAG file for ZIL in advance to avoid creating a new file for every ZIL round. So ASICs and old GPUs could not fully participate in the ZIL round which is only 1.5 minutes long because creation of a DAG file had been consuming most of the time. 

    Ezil team has found a solution - you can mine ZIL by connecting to our dedicated ports. We calculated the time required for DAG file generation and added this time to a regular ZIL round.
Your equipment will be receiving a specific job that activates DAG file generation prior to the actual ZIL round. This way you won’t be missing a second of the round due to DAG file creation.

Our preliminary testing demonstrated a significant income increase up to several times. We are happy to invite you to participate in an open beta test and explore this new opportunity.

You can find all the ports here