Upgraded ASIC port, upcoming coins, and the most accurate ZIL profitability

When we launched our pool the most popular pair for GPU miners was ETH+ZIL, hence the name of the pool. It was nearly 4 years ago and back then there were no ASIC devices on the market that could support ZIL mining, and dual mining itself could give you only 2-3% extra profit than mining of ETH alone. 

Now the situation has changed: miners use ASIC devices to mine ZIL and when ETH switched to PoS the importance of ZIL mining has grown dramatically almost 10 times since dual mining with ZIL can bring you approx. 21% extra profit.

One of the interesting sections at our Pool Stats page is Profitability per 100 MH/s (https://ezil.me/stats?pool=etc_zil). Previously we used the overall miner’s hashrate: the main coin (ETC/ETHW and others) + ZIL to calculate the profitability.

It was the most adequate method of calculation that took into account profitability for both coins and gave you transparent and honest results. The situation changed when we introduced separate ports for ASIC devices. Now miners who didn’t switch their ASICs to these specific ports earn around  2,4-2,8 ZIL per 100 MH/s, and those who did switch — 3,6 - 3,8 ZIL per 100 MH/s. 

Since we’ve been taking into account the income of both types of miners to calculate the average profitability per 100 MH/s, ZIL profitability statistics were always underestimated by at least 11%. 

From now on we will be using more appropriate calculation algorithms and will be showing profitability for efficient miners. 

What should I do if my ZIL profitability is lower than the one in stats?

You have to work on increasing the efficiency of your ZIL mining. Our team constantly works to improve profitability for your type of hardware but we need some involvement from you as well. 

If you use GPUs — perform the settings for DAG file caching, if you can’t do that please connect to the special ASIC ports.

If you use ASICs — make sure you connect to the ASIC ports if you haven’t done it yet. 
Link to all available ports: https://help.ezil.me/en/support/solutions/articles/70000643973

What’s different about ASIC ports for ZIL?

ASIC ports switch you to ZIL mining 1 minute before the actual round starts by activating the ‘warm up’ job. It gives you time to generate the DAG file before the round starts to make sure you don’t miss a second of the actual mining round.

Update of ASIC ports

Since we launched the ASIC ports we noticed that certain types of ASIC devices would go into restart mode during the warm up job. It happened because ASICs used to resolve the warm up job quickly and pool was unable to accept this type of response from ASIC. The ASICs couldn’t process this type of response from the pool and would go into restart mode automatically. Now the pool pretends to accept this kind of response to ensure the uninterrupted performance of your ASIC device, but this response will not be taken into account when we distribute rewards. 

Other updates we’re working on 

Starting from April, 20 we will be launching the new coin IronFish. This would be the first Triple mining coin added to our pool meaning that you will be able to mine 3 coins at once. 

Apart from that we’re working on major architectural changes to our pool engine to be able to support mining of  ERG+ZIL and even ERG+ZIL+IRON, also we will be able to add new coins to the pool much quicker in the future.

A few interface changes are coming soon, but you will see it for yourself.

Ezil Team