We are pleased to announce the launch of the new IronFish mining pool. IronFish is a modern blockchain protocol that provides transaction privacy and security using the most advanced blockchain technologies, and guarantees stable system performance thanks to reliable PoW consensus.

We sincerely hope for a long-term positive scenario for the development of the IronFish project, as we see great potential, investments, and competitive advantages in it:

— Extremely high confidentiality: shielded transactions using zero-knowledge proofs;

— All transactions in the blockchain are completely anonymous;

— The project is supported by serious representatives and large investment funds, including Sequoia Capital.

Additionally, we would like to note that the IronFish coin supports triple mining, which makes it even more attractive for miners. We are ready to offer the most optimal settings for triple mining to ensure maximum profitability and efficiency.

Our team is interested in creating the most efficient and reliable mining pool for IronFish miners, and we are ready to offer the most convenient system for connection and monitoring, including a user-friendly interface, a single personal account for triple mining ETC/ETHW/ETHF + ZIL + IRON, a convenient Start page for quick connection in just a few clicks, including ready-made configurations for HiveOS and Windows, a convenient single hashrate graph, a Telegram bot, a referral system, and much more.

We are ready to launch the IronFish mining from our side. We plan to open the IronFish personal accounts and all related services one hour before the network launch, which is on April 20th at 15:00 UTC, so that you can configure your settings and prepare for mining. You can also create an IronFish wallet using this manual.

The pool launch will occur at the moment of the mainnet launch, which is officially scheduled for April 20th at 16:00 UTC. However, the timing may be adjusted by the IronFish team, and we will be closely monitoring all updates and news regarding the IronFish network launch.

Ezil team