Our team is glad to announce a long-awaited platform upgrade we have been working on this summer. In the past, our platform did not separate the Main coin (i.e. ETC) and ZIL hashrates, calculating them altogether instead. This upgrade brings dedicated hashrate for each coin you mine, starting from today — your current hashrate is calculated based on your Main Coin (i.e. ETC) shares, while ZIL is calculated based on your ZIL shares. 

We're happy to present you with an upgraded dashboard and hashrate chart with new ZIL hashrate metrics. These metrics finally bring transparency to the ZIL mining process and help miners to tune their mining equipment.

Reminder: if the ZIL hashrate is significantly lower than your main coin hashrate, please consider connecting to warm-up ports to give your hardware enough time to calculate the ZIL DAG file. If you’re mining with GPU based equipment please consider adjusting the overclocking and enable the DAG file caching if GPU memory allows that. 

On top of it, the team completely rebuilt the Revenue Report to display revenue per coin separately. 

Such an upgrade clears the way towards mining of Any Coin + ZIL on our pool and other long-awaited features and coins.

Best regards,
Ezil.me team