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Last changes: 24.03.2021
For newcomers: If you joined Ezil pool after the start of the Cashback program without a referral promo code, you get 0.1% cashback on the pool fee for your first two weeks with Ezil. Which means that you can enjoy a lower pool fee of 0,9% only.

How to get a cashback:
• Join our Telegram chat
• Check the pinned post or ask the admin for a promo code
• Activate cashback in your account. Note that this promo code is only valid for your first two weeks. But don't worry, more promotions to come.

For current miners: Miners who joined Ezil pool prior to the start of our Cashback program get a LIFETIME cashback of 0,1% of the pool fee.

You can also participate in any future promotions. Keep an eye on our updates.

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