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HiveOS setup

Last changes: 07.06.2021

Create a new wallet in HiveOs.

In the Coin field, select the coin ETH, ETC or ZIL.

In the Wallet field, enter your ETH/ETC and ZIL wallet numbers, separating them with a dot as shown in the example. 

* NOTE: ZIL wallet must be in a new format which starts with zil - you can create it on binance.com exchange or wallets like Trust wallet or moonlet.

** NOTE: You can use ZIL coin as main coin upon wallet creation



Create a new flight sheet, select the ETH/ETC coin in the Coin field, select the created wallet in the wallet field, select ezil in the Pool field, select the miner you need in the Miner field:




*** NOTE: You can use any miner that is mentioned on Start page.

Save the flight sheet.

You can start mining.

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