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Pool's payments schedule

Last changes: 26.08.2021

Starting from 5 August 2021 right after Ethereum London hardfork pool will introduce several changes to miners’ payouts. Ezil as well as many other ETH pools will have to implement a new system where the transaction fees related to miners’ payouts are paid by miners themselves.

Pool payouts will be disabled by default, to activate them you have to set up the maximum Gas price suitable for you (in Gwei units).

You can select the Gas price yourself, here’s the service to help you calculate the transaction fee suitable for you based on current Gas prices converted to USD https://www.gasnow.org/
As of now we set up a maximum limit of 100 Gwei for all the miners.
Attention: transaction fees are paid by you and will be deducted from your balance. We recommend setting up payout limits as high as possible in order to minimize costs related to network fees. Remember - now only you choose the maximum Gas price for the payout, the higher this number is the faster and more expensive the payout will be.

We will not be processing your payout until you set up your Max gas price!

How to activate/change payouts:

- Go to your account at Ezil.me

  • click Unblock payouts

  • Fill in all the fields in the pop-up window

  • Confirm changes by entering the external IP address of your rig (to figure it out you can open Google from your rig and enter “my IP”)

  • We will be processing miners’ payouts on an hourly basis (provided that you’ve reached your min payout limit and your desirable Gas fee matches the current ETH network fee). Your payment will be sent out within 1 hour once those 2 requirements are met (min limit + Gas price). 

  • Pool will be sending no more than 1 payout per account within 24 hours (even if you reach your minimum payout more than once a day).

  • Min payout is ETH 0.01, for all the new accounts we set up a default 0.05 ETH (can be changed manually).

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