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How much ZIL do I get?

Last changes: 24.03.2021

ZIL is not mined as an ordinary coin, there is a whole platform with nodes and management of these nodes, there are costs to maintain the nodes, so we should not be measured by the commission, but by how much we give ZIL for a certain hashrate. There is a zil calculator - https://goo-gl.ru/5vRd, with 100 MH/s gets from 3.1 to 11.29 ZIL per day depending on how big your node is (and it is not easy to make a big node), we have now managed to get up to 9.09 ZIL. So see how much other zil pools give zil per 100 Mh. We are working on the nodes to maximize profits, we will publish an article soon about our plans for the development of the project.

We will make the commission display more transparent in the near future.

Now from the important improvements we have:

1. The ZIL DAG file warming up, so as not to lose time during the round;

2. An appropriate PPLNS to distribute the award fairly;

3. A scalable and automated infrastructure for Zilliqa nodes.

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