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Minerstat setup

Last changes: 12.11.2021

How to set up ETH/ETC mining on Ezil.me with minerstat?

Open the address editor and add a new tag (POOL:EZIL-ETH) which will hold the Ezil.me stratum address. There are several locations available, so choose one of the following stratum addresses:

  • eu.ezil.me:2222

  • asia.ezil.me:2222

  • us-east.ezil.me:2222

  • us-west.ezil.me:2222

  • tw.ezil.me:2222

For ETC mining use below ports:

  • eu.ezil.me:3333

  • asia.ezil.me:3333

  • us-east.ezil.me:3333

  • us-west.ezil.me:3333

  • tw.ezil.me:3333


SSL connection port is also available:

  • eu.ezil.me:2443

  • asia.ezil.me:2443

  • us-east.ezil.me:2443

  • us-west.ezil.me:2443

  • tw.ezil.me:2443

For ETC mining use below ports:

  • eu.ezil.me:3443

  • asia.ezil.me:3443

  • us-east.ezil.me:3443

  • us-west.ezil.me:3443

  • tw.ezil.me:3443

Then you need to add your ETH wallet address. Please note that only ERC20 wallets are supported.


Then you have to configure your worker. Navigate to Worker config and select the miner that you want to use. In our example, we will use NBminer. You are free to choose any miner you want that works with your GPUs. Click on Default client and select NBminer:


Then you need to configure your selected miner:


Save changes.

Now your worker should be mining ETH on Ezil.me

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