Dear miners,

As you know, our Zilliqa mining pool pays surprising rewards to miners — throughout April we have seen many days when the ZIL reward was 52 ZIL per 1 GH/s or even more!


Ezil’s engineers have been working hard to optimize the whole mining system. Moreover, they continue doing so to stay competitive on the mining pools market.

RBPPS is the next step forward to higher ZIL profitability. It allows us to extract maximum profits for you, miners.

RBPPS pays miners for their ZIL shares and calculates the cost of each share by using node rewards, number of nodes, cost of running the servers, blockchain network performance metrics, market indicators and other factors. New payout scheme will allow us to run nodes on the most efficient infrastructure and utilize other improvements to the mining process which will lead to even better profitability.

RBPPS has been already rolled out to the mining pool. No action required on the miners’ side.