You will need an ETH wallet address

Please use the existing non-custodial wallet and make sure you have sole ownership of the private key and/or a seed-phrase.

Do not use exchange generated wallet addresses if you want to be able to change the address for payments
The address you use for mining rewards must be the same you connect for setting your payouts

1. Go to your account at using your mining wallets and click on the ‘gear’ sign.

2. In a new Payout settings window click on “Connect to wallet”.

3. Choosing the connection method:

 MetaMask — This method is used when connecting MetaMask or OKX Wallet to the site.

 WalletConnect — It is used to connect most wallets that have the WalletConnect function

Check these links if you need more detailed instructions on connecting wallets to the site via MetaMask and WalletConnect method.

4. After connecting the wallet, we return to your personal account on the website and open the "Change withdrawal address" tab in the payout settings window and specify the necessary wallet for withdrawing funds, for example, the address of the exchange.

Make sure that the wallet address that you specify to receive funds is able to accept payments on the selected network.

Also, at this stage you can change the network for payments.

5. After entering a new wallet, we go down to the very bottom and click the "Confirm" button, a message will come to your wallet with the confirmation of changes, we sign.

However, always check what you sign!

If you have any questions, please contact us in Telegram chat where you can always find up to date information.