At the moment, this wallet has been removed from the GitHub repository.
The exact reasons for the removal are unknown to us. We will closely monitor the situation and update this article if necessary.
As of now, the only available wallet is the official CLI.

1. Go to the official IronFish GitHub and download the latest version for Windows

2. Run the downloaded file Iron.Fish.Wallet.Setup.exe

After launching the application, your firewall and other security systems may notify you that an unknown application is trying to run - ignore them and allow the application to run and use networks

3. After opening the application, select "Create Account"

4. During the next step, you will need to provide your new account name and record the seed-phrase provided below. Confirm that you have recorded the seed-phrase by checking the box and proceed to the Next step.

We do not recommend keeping the phrase in public sources!

5. Enter the recorded seed phrase to verify it.

If you receive an error after entering the last word, go back to the previous step and repeat all the actions until you achieve a positive result.

Great job! You have just created a wallet for IronFish. Now, all that's left is to copy the wallet address and start mining

If you have any questions, please contact us in Telegram chat where you can always find up to date information.